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Shirt from American Apparel, Dungarees by Rehab bought from Editorial Boutique.

sort of feels like i haven’t been doing enough outfit posts lately, which is weird because that was basically the initial point of this blog; alas, the depression that ensues when i remember that i do not have a real tripod, in combination with my inherent laziness is the source of this lull…

remember that time i revealed that i was seriously diggin’ leather overalls? well here they are. fresh from editorial boutique. when i had first shown them to my sister she told me i looked like some sort of serial killer à la dexter.  this in turn, made me really sad because dexter’s final season was just announced, and thus the title of this post. 

anyways back to the outfit… 

wore this with the american apparel viscose tee which i got from the warehouse way back when, i am pretty sure it is the sexuali-tee (haha punny) which is important to note because i feel like it is different from the regular viscose tee (you can separate them also because the sexuali-tee is measured in +1 +2 +3 scale, i don’t know what this means despite having worked at that store for almost 6 months now…) i like the overall (haha get it?) breathability (is that a word) and sheer looseness of that top, it really is one of my favourite t-shirts (that is until that T by Alexander Wang shirt becomes MINE) 

the dungarees are by rehab and are ‘vegan leather’ which i think is a joke unto itself… i mean, vegan leather? guys, it’s called pleather, own up to it. i guess ‘vegan leather’ sounds more deluxe or whatever.  i got this specific pair from editorial (already mentioned that) i was seriously debating whether or not i should buy them at the time but it was the LAST PAIR so i went for it.  this purchase took my brand spakin’ new credit card’s virginity. (oh so crass) if you feel like you NEED this pair (and trust me, you do) you can still get there here.

you can’t really see my shoes but they are these leather zip up booties by jeffrey campbell. they are basically made for this weather (approx 15 degrees celsius and easy breezy beautiful) there was a snowstorm in montreal last week but since then it has been a 180 shift. 

that’s all i have to say about this one folks… oh! and here is a clip from the final season of dexter. i kind of don’t like jennifer carpenter because she always seems like a nervous wreck but that might just be deb right? also i love you michael c. hall, you easily make my top 3 favourite gingers list…