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backstory: i went to chinese school for what felt like a dynasty but it was actually just eight years of sunday afternoon naps and teachers making me sit on cardboard slash embarrassingly escorting me to the bathroom so they could wash my face for me.  sad.

the point is, that as you may have expected, there was a wide array of charms that adorned the backpacks of us tweeny asian girls (read: so kawaii)

let’s fast forward 10 years and bam. here comes fendi, bringing out the ~~so kawaii harajuku girl ~~  out in all of us.  ‘the buggies’ are a collectable version of mink/fox fur + leather “finger puppets” that are made to have personalities and attach to your purse. They even have personalities! … the Funny, The Snob, The Angry, The Savage, The Crazy, and the Playful. wow! what a perfect Christmas present for the cutesy fashionista in all of us right?  except no.  they are $600 each.  now i know we are all self-proclaimed slaves to fashion but that is a whole lot of dollars to devote to a glorified keychain. no matter how cute and trendy fendi makes it. unless this is me presenting myself as one of the non-devouts. not sure.

I think i am going to save myself a small bundle and just attach my “vintage” (read:retro) furby to my purse. it isn’t made of rabbit fur but hot damn i could buy 2-3 rabbits with $600, i will name them savage, crazy and playful. anyone with me? 


Watch the above video for the fendi bag buggies promo, and if you have enough money you can get the fendi buggies on the fendi website tomorrow. 



ASOS coatigan


Montreal has reached temperatures which in the moment we would call frigid except it isn’t really that cold we are just yearning for summer all over again.  it is pretty sad because this is literally the warmest it will be until ~april i suspect. another sad fact: the countdown to finding the perfect fall/winter jacket is now upon us. unfortunately winter coat trends are on constant rotation and it aint cheap either – pretty sure i have spent approx. $2000 on winter coats in the past 4 years, but seeing as this is the outer shell to every outfit we will wear for the forseeable future, it seems like a good investment? (question mark to represent slightly irrational rationality)

 favourite trends so far have been sherpa, pastel and oversized boyfriend jackets.  pastel seems most appropriate for spring time, and i am still warming up to the idea of adding colour on the daily.  research thus far have been oversized-boyfriendy largely lapelled jacket-centric, ideally ones that would graciously double as blankets/pillows/invisibility cloaks at any given moment. photos above on some of my favourites. keywords include: “coatigan” “man coat girl” “transgender jackets” and “oversize fall winter hybrid”.  results have been mixed. 

leandra medine is a new kind of dolphin.  i first found out about her circa 2011 when the “arm party” was in full force and she was the weirdest fashion blogger to hit the east coast.

supergas are the shoe of my childhood, running fingers through the volcanized rubber soles and having a childlike-tinges pair of keds with wide laces and huge metal grommets.  they have swiftly come into their own since appointing the olsen twins as creative directors and are very on-point for the trending “fashion sneaker”

i bought my first pair (all black. black on black. platforms) since growing up into a full formed human being last year at their soho flagship while in town for teen vogue fashion university. second pair from urban outfitters for $5  (!) in taupe. third pair came this summer when my good friend, nellybb and decided to get matching sneakers for the summer, all white, all functional.

 however with this new union i have found my want, nay, my NEED to buy a fourth pair.  the velvet! the extra long laces to wrap around your ankles! this is the perfect fall collaboration to counter the superga x blonde salad summer spectacle.  the tweed and velvet fabrics are great fall staples, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it DOESN’T snow for 4 months followed by 2 months of wet slush, these shoes will also look great deep into winter.  my favourites are the classic low top velvet ones – in ALL the colours.  low top sneakers elongate your legs and i love the idea of wrapping the laces around my ankles to make them ballerina shoe-esque. 

watch the promo video above and bask in the adorableness that is leandra medine; and buy the shoes online now

Work, Oleg Borodon

hello all,

 it has been nearly 3 whole months (is that right?) since i have posted.  summer vacation and all; which failed to live up to it’s name and manifested itself as 40-50 hours a week working in conjunction with series of almost-comedic unfortunate events.  However, like a good neighbor, was there. (yea so what i stole statefarm’s slogan; sue me. Oh no wait please don’t sue me i have no money)

            anyways, back to business now, which is ironic since it was work that was keeping me from doing my true work. trying to get into the groove of consistently tweeting/being socially active while maintaining a solid schedule of studying/working.  getting it together has been tough but i found a café near school and home that serves soy cappuccinos made with fair trade coffee and plays non-annoying non-patronizingly jazzy music so i can sit there for hours and get my shit together while drinking endless amounts of coffee and eating baked goods. (calculated a solid 16% of my paycheck goes to this sort of dietary restriction) this post is becoming wildly personal and unnecessary so i will stop it here and attach a collage (_work by oleg borodin_) and call it a day. just wanted to say: i am back.


i am happy to say that i am on the slightest, fringy outskirts of a community that embraces and supports creative writing in its purest and strangest forms. labeled as “alt lit” and most prominent within various forms of social media, it is the most supportive and boosted groups to be a part of.  that being said, the alt lit world has been blown into the mainstream by one of its pioneers, tao lin. 

i had previously owned/read/borrowed several of his books, including Eeeeeeeeee (i am not sure how many E’s there are tbqh) shoplifting from american apparel (ironic because i now work there, [actually is it ironic even?]) and obviously, richard yates (obviously if u know tao lin duh) 

it was these books that really exposed me to a world outside of traditional literature and i think tao lin really sets a precedent for the strangely strange writing scheme.  

anyways, we were all REALLY REALLY excited for lin’s HOTTLY ANTICIPATED third novel, tai pei and not only because the cover was described as “shiny” 

as i have not yet read this book (lit. is basically what i AM reading, for those who are [not really] interested) i cannot describe the plot or give a valid review (but i probably couldn’t even do that post-reading i guess either) but i can say that i am stookeedddd and also i hope the words are shiny too…


remember that time i promised to show you guys a not-so-elusive glimpse at my belly? remember that other time i wrote about sporty chic? hot damn you guys this post is just a hybrid of all kinds of trends!!! 

anyways, i am 99.999999% sure this is the most narcissistic photoset i have put up yet.  it paractically SCREAMS “i think i am hot shit” but like, seriously, i just have no control over my face. and i am going to prove this to you by revealing that i am pretty sure i just allowed my dog to fart-poo on my lap. and there we go, i just said poo. honestly, i don’t know how this collage of sorts came to be, i can only half use photoshop. 

besides the point, i am really into the whole “sporty chic” trend. and by that i mean i just wear whatever and then wear my $10 my-mom-bought-this-from-urban-outfitters-cuz-she-is-pretty-hip baseball cap and call it a day. (basically) the “chic” part is me wearing a maxi skirt, which is as modest as i can get.  of course, this maxi skirt is actually an american apparel (surprise surprise) viscose maxi DRESS that i tie the top because i am all about manipulation.  feels weirdly right to wear things when it’s not their intentional purpose. i wish american apparel made a viscose maxi dress. i am all about the viscose. 

handy fact: this entire outfit was MADE IN THE USA. i am not even american and proud of that. 

work has been good but busy, and hopefully things are lining up in my favour… hopefully. if you are a for realz fan of the blog check out the facebook page (in the reach part of the toolbar) and expect more posts soooon!

Hat: Urban Outfitters; Skirt: American Apparel; Top: American Apparel